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Whereas, This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology, Intermediaries guidelines, Rules, 2011 that require publishing the rules & regulations, privacy policy & Terms of Use for access or usage of services assigned by ‘Feeloffer’ through the website, www.Feeloffer.com, browser add-on or any, ‘App’ ‘Feeloffer’.
Whereas, The domain names www.Feeloffer.com, Browser Add-on (“Website”), & the Mobile Application named ‘Feeloffer’, “Application” are owned & operated by JAY CORP (“Company”) having its registered office at S – 2, Garden View, Plot No 66, Sector 19, Airoli, Navi Mumbai. 400708, Maharashtra, India where such term shall, except repulsive to the conditions thereof, be considered to include & along with its corresponding representatives, administrators, employees, owner/s, officers, agents & their successors & assigns etc.

AS WELL AS WITH… :Whereas, you should read all the terms & conditions, “T&C”, of www.Feeloffer.com ,“Website”, Its “App”, “Software” Etc. consciously whenever access to this Website & or any information & or material available on or through this Website, If you do not agree, please do not access ‘www.Feeloffer.com’ or its related any kind of, “Website”, Its “App”, “Software” Etc. The said Website is owned by ‘JAY CORP’.

WHO CAN ACCESS : The Customer designates & authorize that he/she is fit &able to enter into the legally binding agreements & that he/she has the necessary capacity to fasten himself/herself to these Terms & the mentioned in Policy, as determined solely by the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. The Customer may not use this Website / Application until he/she is not capable of performing to the contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, or is strongly not allowed to/from doing so by any other applicable/ suitable law, rule or regulation presently in force.

TERM : These Terms shall proceed to engender a legitimate& restricting contract between the Affiliates, Parties, Customer, Customer, or viewer& shall remain to be entire force & consequence until:
Word customer, client, user, handler, Party are the same one who uses our website, Application, Mobile app etc.
The Customer keep on to access & use the Website/ Application; or
The Dealings in between the Parties, if any, reason out to the gratification of both, the, Parties; whichever is lengthier. The Parties agree that some of the ports of these Terms, such as all Sections,shall remain to stay onentirey force & strength permanently, beyond the expiration or termination of these Terms & the aforesaid, mentioned Policy as prescribed & contemplated herein.
Whereas using of this website, APP, Software etc. by you is flatly agrees that access to & use of this Website is binding to the T&C & as well as other appropriate act & laws. If you do not agree to any terms & conditions & or any portion thereof/thereto, you should not use/browse/access this Website in any, way/ matter or means or manner whatsoever. You Should not proceed if your age is below 18, & with using/browsing/accessing the Website, you are acknowledging & agreeing that you are of legal age of 18 years or above & further agree to comply along with be bound by all T&C, which along with our Privacy Policy, which is available on demand, govern our relationship with ‘you’ in relation to the Website.

Whereas, For the intention of these Terms of Use, Terms, wherever the relation so necessary,
The term ‘You’, ‘User’, “Customer”, “Client” & whoever use/browse/access shall mean any legitimately legally person or candidate accessing or using the services given on this Website/ Application/ Software, who is competent to get in into fastened contracts, as required in the provisions of the Indian Contract Act, 1872;
The terms ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’& “Feeloffer” shall mean the Website/Application &/or, as well as, the Company, as the relation therefore requires.
The term ‘Service’ or ‘the Services’ means the price, amount, comparison, product discovery platform, & affiliate & advertising services of & from ‘Feeloffer’, or else, etc. specifically specified.
The terms ‘Party’ & ‘Parties’ shall correspondingly be taken here ,T&C, to refer to the Customer, Operator& the Company discretely& collectively, as the relation, so all requires.
Do not treat the headings of each section which is  in these Terms are only for the intension to keep in order, the several conditions, rules, regulations in these Terms which are an serially manner, & shall not be used by either Party to interpret the conditions, rules, regulations contained herein in any manner. In addition to, it is clearly accepted to, by the Parties that the headings shall have no legal or valid contract value.
The use of the Website/ Application by the Customer is entirely governed by these Terms, & any modifications, changes or amendments made thereto by the Company from time to time or any time at company’s design, at its sole discretion. Visiting the home page of the Website/ Application &/or using any of the services made available/given on the Website/ Application shall be considered to denote the Customer’s obvious acceptance/approval of these Terms & the mentioned in T&C, Policy, & the Customer clearly accepts to be bound by the same. The Customer clearly  accepts & confirms that the Terms & Policy are co-terminus, & that expiry / termination of either one will lead to the termination of the other, save as issued in Sections given here.
The Customer clearly ready to that all Terms as well as the as mentioned Policy establish a law entirely mandatory agreement between the customer& the Company, & that the customer shall be in relation to the rules& regulations, guidelines, policies, terms, & conditions applicable to any service that is issued by the Website / Application, & that the same shall be considered to be incorporated into these Terms, & shall be considered as part & parcel of the same. The Customer accepts & approves that no signature or precise act is mandatory to make these Terms & the Policy compulsory tied on the Customer, & that the Customer’s act of visiting any part of the Website / Application establishes the Customer’s full & final acceptance of these Terms & the mentioned in the Policy.
The Company reserves the entire & sole exclusive rights to change, amend, modify& alter these Terms & the mentioned in Policy, rules etc. without any prior intimation, permission, notice to the Customer, & the Customer clearly approves that any such modifications or alterations shall come into effect/force at any time or instantly. The Customer has a duty to check the terms before use/browse/access & stay updated on its requirements. If the Customer continues to use the Website/ Application following such a change, the Customer will be supposed to have consented to any & all amendments / modifications made to the Terms & the mentioned in Policy. In as, so far, as the Customer conforms with these Terms & the mentioned in, made available Policy, he/she is endorsed a personal, non-private, non-convertible, erratic, limited liberty to access& use the Website/ Application.

How our Website works :  our website is an shopping price comparison and a product comparison website which access producs from multiple website and bring them for you in One place so that you can choose your very own product without opening multiple websites at a time. Just search for your product and go through them quickly , if you like any product then go to the particular website by clicking on the buy button.

Definitions : “Data” means all data, text, services, graphics, images, audio, video, links, design, layout, look, information, audio-video, multimedia, appearance, & whatever materials available on or through the Website/software.
“Login” means any technique of registering approved by the Website which allows a Customer to have entree to some or all portions of the Website from time to time given available to such Customers.
“Customer” OR “VISITOR” is a user, by any person or whoever who uses, accesses, browses or visits the Website in any way, whatsoever & through any medium, smart phone, computer, tablet, or otherwise.
Customer Generated Data shall refer to Customer Generated Data& shall include any & all data &data, including without limitation graphics, audio, text, images, video & audio-visual data that Customer submits to the Website, for whatsoever purpose, Website Determination
The Website helps you, as the Customer, to find & avail several deals, coupons & prices if available, of several vendors /products but, it do not indicate any kind of authorization to such merchant/vendor, websites or products by JAY CORP. Hitting on such deals, coupons or prices may redirect you to the related merchant’s web page. However while at the time of giving such deals, coupons or prices, reasonable safety measures& efforts are taken by JAY CORP to confirm that only newest valid deals, coupons & prices are declared on the Website. Customers must always check the merchant’s/vendors/affiliate partner’s websites terms & conditions / terms of use before availing or accessing any such deals, coupons or prices.

Product Description : Feeloffer.com tries to be as correct as possible. However, “Feeloffer” does not confirms & promises that product descriptions, other data, such other information etc. of this Website is perfect & accurate, complete, reliable, current, actual, or error-free etc.
Comments, Reviews& Other All Communications
You may not use a false e-mail address; impersonate any person or being, or else misguide in place of to the origin of data. Customer scan comments, post reviews, photos, & other data; send communications; & submit ideas, comments, questions, suggestions, or other info, so, long as the data is not threatening, illegitimate, offensive, insulting, infringing, offensive of privacy, defamatory of intellectual property rights, or otherwise impermissible, harmful to third parties or objectionable & does not holds or consist of or contain software viruses, mass mailings, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, or any form of “spam.”
You& yourself represent &allows that you holds or otherwise control all of the rights to the data that you post, that the data is perfect & accurate, that use of the data you supply does not violate this policy & will not cause injury to any person or entity, or& that you will indemnify Feeloffer for all claims resulting from data you supply. You allow Feeloffer & sub licensees the right to use the name that you submit in connection with such data, if they choose. If you do post data or submit material, & unless we indicate otherwise, you allow Feeloffer a non-exclusive, royalty-free, everlasting, permanent, &entirely sub licensable right to reproduce, translate, use, distribute, create, adapt, modify, publish, derivative works from, & display such data through-out the world in any media, Feeloffer has the right, but not the obligation, to observe & correct or eliminate any action or data. Feeloffer receipts no accountability & undertakes no obligation for any data uploaded by you or any third party. Feeloffer holds the right & not the responsibility, to remove or edit such data, but does not regularly review posted data.
Permitted Website Use
The Data presented on the Website. Duplication of the Data, either partly, any part or entirely, & in any way & for any determination whatsoever is strictly forbidden other than as authorized under these T&C. in relation to the limited warrant allow, all intellectual property rights are clearly held in reserve. Excerptor else stated, JAY CORP &/or its licensors holds all intellectual property & rights allied thereto in the Website
You may view, surf, download, for caching requirements only, &copy details &print pages of deals/offers/vouchers/advertisings from the Website for your own, personal & non-commercial use only, subject to the limitations set out here& elsewhere in these T&C.
With relation to our precise, entirely ours written consent, you precisely approve that you will not/do not circulate, Publish or republish any Data, either in part or entire, from this Website, together with republication on another website or on any other medium.
Use of Website for any kind of purposes connected to marketing, publicity or advertising.
Show or give a picture of any Data, either in part or entire, from the Website in public.
Make a replica/ repeat /replicate/ duplicate/ copy or otherwise exploit any Data, either in part or entire, on our Website for any illegal, prohibited, immoral or unlawful act or purpose.
Edit or otherwise modify any Data, either in part or entire, on the Website.
Give/create any Website link or hyperlink to any third party website.
Access of this Website to pass on or send unsolicited commercial communications or spam in any way whatsoever.
Use or misuse, either partly or entirely, any kind of intellectual property & any kind of right associated thereto with relation to any Data available on the Website
Sell, rent or sub-license any Data, either in part or entire, from the Website to anybody everywhere in the country/world.
Access to Website in either way that causes or may cause destruction, losses to the Website, impair the availability, user-friendliness of the Website, either provisional or permanent, or in any way undertake any act or activity which is unlawful, fake or harmful, illegal, fraudulent.
Recirculation any Data, either in part or entire, to any media or medium, either available now or in the future, from the Website even for data exactly & expressly made available for recirculation by the Website, like newsletters & updates.
Use of Website to transmit, install,  store, host, send, copy, link, hyperlink, use, circulate or distribute any Data which contains of or is linked to any computer, malware, spyware, or network virus, keystroke logger, Trojan horse, worm, root kit or other malicious computer software or code.
Conduct any organized or automated data collection actions like including without limitation scraping, data extraction, data mining & data harvesting on or in relation to the Website.
Restricted Access to the Website : Access to some portions of the Website is limited or banned. JAY CORP keep all the right to control or disallow access, either partly or entirely & either temporarily or permanently, to other areas of the Website, exclusively at its decision.
If JAY CORP delivers you a customer ID with password to allow you to access private & banned areas of the Website or any Data, you must confirm that your customer ID &password is always kept compulsorily personal. JAY CORP will not be accountable or responsible for any loss or misuse of your customer ID & password. JAY CORP may, at its sole choice, disable your customer ID &/or password without prior notice or clarification
Customer Generated Data
In certain or& all areas of the Website, JAY CORP may permit you to submit CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA on the Website strictly for non-commercial purposes. You hereby agree that you will not submit, update, transmit, modify, host, display, upload, publish, link or share any CUSTOMER GENERATED  DATA that:
Harms, Injuries minors in any way
Belongs to another person & to which the Customer does not have any right or has been unlawfully entirely acquired.
In every mode matching to any marketing or campaign of any services or products.
Is wholly damaging, profane, pornographic, blasphemous defamatory, paedophilic, harassing, obscene, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, libellous, or ethnically offensive, racially, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever.
Infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary or intellectual property rights.
Breaches of any law for the time being in force
Misleads or misrepresents any person about the origin of such CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA or interacts communicate any info which is completely violent or threatening in nature.
Make fun of another person.
Comprises software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, abolish or limit the functionality of any computer source.
Is illegal or opposite to public policy.
If it has not endorse to appropriate laws.
Is or has forever remained the subject of any threatened or authentic lawful actions or other similar grievances, either civil or criminal.
Is insulting, offensive, and libellous.
You hereby grants & approve that nothing in your CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA shall stop JAY CORP from filing any intellectual property or any right related thereto everywhere in the world.
JAY CORP holds the right to revise or eliminate any CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA given by you to the Website, irrelevant either temporarily or permanently.
Nonetheless JAY CORP’s rights below these T&C in relation to the CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA, JAY CORP shall not be under any obligation to observe the submission of any CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA to, or the publication of such CUSTOMER GENERATED DATA on the Website.

Products, contents, posts  shown on our website, specifications etc. or its price may differ from actual product specifications etc. or its price,and ‘feeloffer’ or ‘JAY CORP’ will not be responsible for the same. It is the responsibility of user/customer/the viewer of website to check  properly the details of product when redirected to third party affiliate before buying it.

Links to Third Party Website : As to convenience you about matter, the Website may possibly make available/consist of links & hyperlinks to third party links & hyper links. The item of such third party outside site does not involve confirmation of such site by us. We do not make any representations about the availability & performance of the Services or any of the outside sites which could be imparted. If you hit on any promotion sponsor link, banner, or other external link from the Website, you may automatically be directed to a new third party service / browser& the same is not presented or controlled by us& we are not accountable or responsible or liable in any way whatever for the data, privacy policies, terms of use & practices of such third party service / browser.
Restricted Warranties : The Website & the Data provided herein are imparted “AS IS” & without warranties of any kind, either utter or implicit. To the fuller scope allowed under rule, JAY CORP prevents any & all reproductions, warranties & conditions, either utter or implicit, together with, although not limited to, implicit warranties of vendor ability, convenience, suitability for a proper use & non-breach. JAY CORP does not serve as or authorization that the Data on the Website will be truthful, accurate & exact, sufficient, helpful, well-timed, appropriate or trustworthy or of agreeable worth or that any Data or Website will be nonstop or mistake-free or that the Data on the Website is kept up-to-date at whole period. JAY CORP does not agree to exact faults or mistakes in the Data or the Website, or to certify that the Website is free of viruses or any other dangerous factors.
The Customer consents & undertakes that he/she is accessing the Website/ Application & transacting at his/her sole risk & are that he/she is using his/her best & prudent judgment before using any service on the Website/ Application, or accessing/using any information displayed thereon.
The Website may hold Data which is possessed by &/or certified to JAY CORP. Your make use of any Data on the Website is completely at your own risk, for which JAY CORP shall not be liable or accountable. It shall be your own accountability to make sure that any goods, services or Data available on or all the way through the Website meets your definite needs or reason.
The Company does not guarantee that the functions & services contained in the Website/ Application will be permanent or error-free, or that the Website/ Application or its server will be free of viruses or other harmful components, & the Customer hereby definitely accepts any & all associated risks involved with the Customer’s use of the Website.
The Data given on the Website is proposed for informational uses only & is not projected to comprise, solicitation or for an offer. JAY CORP supposes no responsibility, liability or risk, or for any predestines relating straight or not directly to any act or in act that you get related on the Data on this Website.
Apart from as otherwise expressly stated on the Website/ Application, all products/services offered on the Website/ Application are offered on an “as is” basis without any warranty whatsoever, either express or implied.
In additionally It is accepted by the Parties that the data of this Section shall survive even after the termination or expiry of the Terms &/or the mentioned in Policy.
Restrictions of responsibility
To the fullest coverage allowed below law, JAY CORP shall not be liable for any particular or significant damages that outcome from the make use of, or the incapability to make use of the Data or the Website, even if it has been recommend to the chance of such damages.
Not anything in these T&C or elsewhere on the Website will eliminate or perimeter JAY CORP’s accountability for personal injury, death or fraud happened by its carelessness, negligence, or for any other accountability which cannot be excluded or limited under appropriate law.
Matter to the preceding, JAY CORP’s legal responsibility to you in relation to the make use of the Website or below or in relation with these T&C, whatever in the contract, to illegal act together with carelessness or else, will be restricted as follows:
To the limit that the Website & the Data on the Website is given without charge, JAY CORP will not be accountable for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever.
JAY CORP will not be accountable for any significant, not direct or particular loss or damage.
JAY CORP will not be accountable for at all loss of revenue, imagined savings, contracts, business, goodwill, reputation, income, profit, data, or information of any sort.
JAY CORP will not be accountable for any loss or damage occurring out of any episode or actions beyond its sensible command or for any force majeure incident pretend to be s another person.
JAY CORP’s utmost responsibility in relation to any incident or sequence of correlated proceedings will be restricted to Rs. NIL
Indemnity : You herewith consent to insure JAY CORP & agree to to keep JAY CORP insured from & against any loss & or all losses, & or damages, & or costs, & or liabilities also  expenses ,including not including limitation legal fee & any amounts paid by JAY CORP to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute on the suggestion of its legal advisers, sustained, invited, gained & or suffered by JAY CORP emergent, proceeding out of any breach by you of any provision of these T&C, or emergent, proceeding out of any claim that you have breached any provision thereof..
Breach of T&C
Without prejudgement to JAY CORP’s other rights under these T&C, if you breach these, or any of the T&C in whichever way, JAY CORP may take such action as is considers appropriate to deal with such breach, as well as suspending your access, entrance, or user ship to the Website, for temporary or permanent, prohibiting you from accessing, using the Website, & or blocking computers using your IP address or addresses from accessing the Website, contacting your internet service provider to request that they block your access to the Website &/or bringing court proceedings against you.
JAY CORP may revise, change, modify, amend or supplement these T&C at any moment, time, duration or any period for any reason. Revised terms & conditions will apply and will come in force to the use of our Website from the date of the publication thereof on the Website. Please check this continuously, regularly to ensure you are familiar & agreeing with the present, current version. The revised terms & conditions shall apply and come in force to all Customers regardless of any future use or dealings between such Customer & JAY CORP, or lack of any such future use, Access or dealings, & shall survive termination of any such future usage or dealings.
Assignment & Sub-Assignment & Sub-Contracting
JAY CORP may transfer, pass on, assign, sub-contract or else deal with its rights, charge &/or obligations under these T&C without prior notice or notifying you in advance or obtaining your prior consent. You may not transfer, Pass on, assign, sub-contract or otherwise deal with your rights &/or obligations under these T&C & any revisions thereof in any way whatsoever

TERMINATION : The Company reserves, Holds the entire right, rights, in its sole discretion, will, pleasure, to unilaterally terminate the Customer’s access to the products & services listed on the Website/ Application, or any portion thereof, at any time, without notice or cause. The Customer shall continue to be bound by these Terms & the mentioned in Policy, & it is expressly agreed to by the Parties that the Customer shall not have the right to terminate these Terms & the mentioned in Policy till the expiry of the same, as described in T & C
Not with standing other lawful solutions that may be available to it, the Company may in its sole decision perimeter the Customer’s access & or, or action by instantly terminating the Customer’s access identification either temporarily or forever, or suspend / terminate the membership of Customer’s, &/or reject to Impart Customer with use to the Website/ Application, without being essential to Impart the Customer with notice or reason:
If any condition of Terms & Conditions is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful &, or, unenforceable, the other provisions will continue in effect.If any Customer is in violation of any of Terms or conditions mentioned in the Policy; If the Customer’s activities may result to any harm, loss & damage to other customers or to the Website/ Application & Company, at the exclusive carefulness of the Company; If the Customer has provided imperfect, inaccurate, wrong, &, incomplete or incorrect information.

THE ONLINE PLATFORM : ‘Feeloffer’ is an online Goods, products, services with option to buy products and some time it may be evaluation platform which allows you to discover the proper & best goods, products at best offer or prices across, full or a wide range, collection of categories which include Cameras, Mobiles, Tablets, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Electronics, Computers, Audio Books, Movie, Fashion & Lifestyle, Books, Appliances & Personal Care, with the objective of making the most excellent online shopping research & discovery for right destination. We would also impart this platform for not only products but also, goods & services beyond the categories listed above and in category list as deemed appropriate for the Customers. ‘Feeloffer’s price comparison engine may make possible you in worth decision for the best price, in addition to offers & deals from most of major e-commerce stores in India. ‘Feeloffer’ acts and works as online platform for You to discover & make transact with registered members of the Website/ Application, & other than registered members, other non-registered customers & buyers or sellers collectively showing goods or services or else allied with the Service, services etc. ‘Feeloffer’ does not trade any kind of Good’s, products or issue any kind of service, services except comparison and searching facility, service as well as it is not involved in any transaction you may make with any service, member, customer or company.

CUSTOMER REGISTRATION : To completely gain the facilities of the Website & Application, Signup is necessary. Customer enrolment facility is available on this Website & Application to all, excluding those “Incompetent to agreement” which among others comprise bankrupts. ‘Feeloffer’, “JAY CORP” holds entire rights to dismiss your account on information of you not being appropriate to make use of the services & having signed up on the Website or Application or getting any of its services. Additional, at any occasion while Your use of said Website or Application, along with however not restricted to the duration of sign up, You are exclusively accountable for protecting the secrecy of Your customer name & password, & any action under the account shall be considered to have been complete by You. In the matter that You provide Us with fake &/or imperfect & inaccurate information or the Company has reason to consider You have completed so, We hold the right to suspend Your account forever.

ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN BY THE WEBSITE ON YOUR DEVICE: After download & installation of the App or visiting the Website, You allow the Company to carry out the subsequent actions on the device you have installed the App in or from which you are visiting the website.
To retrieve information about other applications running on the device the Application has been installed on & open them; To determine Your browsing history & bookmarks saved in the browser; To access & use apps such as Calendar, Contacts, Phone’s Camera, Call log; To detect when the phone had been switched off & switched on for the purpose of sending notification/ push notifications; To access information about networks, access networks including Wi-Fi networks, receive & send data through the network; To access & change the display & sound settings of the device the Application has been installed in. To allow, write on,  read from, delete & modify data related to the Website/Application on the device’s hard disk &/or external storage; To access the model number, IMEI number & details about the operating system of the device the Application has been installed on or the website is visited from, as well as the phone number of the device; To determine your exact location from sources such as, but not limited to GPS; To determine your approximate location from sources like, but not limited to mobile towers & connected Wi-Fi networks.

UPDATES ON APPLICATION : The Application may keep checking the version time to time, if needed it will update the app. Updates may contain as many as bug fixes, patches, new improved functionality, plug-ins & new versions of the Application. You authorize the download of new updates of the app by installing it, further you may manually agree the update if needed. The use of Application and Updates shall be governed by following Agreement, as amended by any terms & conditions that may be issued with Updates.

COMMUNICATION : By means of using this Website, & providing his/her contact info to the Company via said Website, the Customer herewith consents & confirms  to acceptance of calls, auto-dialled &/or pre-recorded message/ messages calls, e-mails & SMSs from the JAY CORP Company &/or any of its partners or affiliates at any moment, subject to the rules. In the occasion that the Customer desires to stop reception of any such promotion or advertising calls / email, messages / text messages, the Customer may send an e-mail to that outcome to help@Feeloffer.com, with proper subject “Do not disturb”. The Customer consents & acknowledges that it may take up to thirty (60) business days to the Company, to take effect to such a application by the Customer. The Customer utterly accepts that notwithstanding everything enclosed herein, he/she may be called by the Company or any of its affiliates / partner’s relation to any service gained by the Customer on the Website or anything in regards thereto. It is fully accepted by the Parties that any info shared by the Customer with the Company shall be governed by the Terms & Conditions.

CHARGES : This Website use is free to the Customer, including browsing the Website/ Application & availing any services offered therein. The Customers have to pay only for the goods bought by the Customer from the appropriate, selected Seller or Marketplace directly as per their payment and website procedure & policy. However, the Company holds entire rights to make change of this no-fee policy & company can charge to the Customer for any or all services given / provided. In such an occasion, the Customer will be informed regarding, the same when he/she tries to access the Website/Application, & the Customer will have the alternatives of refusing or to take benefit of the services presented. Any king of changes, if done, shall arrive into immediate effect on changes made by us & the same is being intimated to the Customer, except particular or else.

SECURITY : Dealings on this Website/Application are safe & shielded. Any info submitted by the Customer when dealing on the Website/ Application, it is encrypted by providing SSL, Antivirus etc. to guard the Customer against unintended disclosure to third parties. The Customer’s credit card, debit card & online banking info is not keep, taken, stored or preserved by this Company in at all or any mode. This info is provided by the Customer straight a way to the related payment gateway of the selected merchant / marketplace, that is certified to the entire, the info given, & is biddable with the rules & needs of various banks & organizations & payment franchisees that it is associated with.

DATA : If any illegal &, or, unenforceable provision would be official or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be deemed to be deleted, & the rest of the conditions will continue in effect. For the reason of this Customer contract, the word “Data” comprises, not including restrictions, text, audio clips, graphics, videos, articles, info, data, software, photo graphs, written posts, remarks, revives, comments, scripts, & relative features developed, concerned, or otherwise made available on or through the facilities of services. For the intentions of this contract, “Data” also contains the entire Customer Data, as defined here. Any submitted, posted, uploaded, submitted, created, distributed, or given to the Website/ Application by customers, cooperatively Customer Data, either openly placed or confidentially pass on, is the exclusive accountability of the person who created such Customer Data. You shows that all Customer Data submitted by you is correct, perfect, complete,  up-to-date,  precise, & in fulfilment with all appropriate laws, regulations & rules. Submission of Customer Data through the Website/ Application, you from now and onwards any time, are, would & shall allow us for a everlasting, universal, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, entirely paid, royalty-free, licensable & transferable license & sub-licensable to use, edit, modify, shorten, collective, replicate, share out, organize imitative works of, present, execute, & or else completely exploit the Customer Data in relation with the Website/ Application, the our successors, & our & Service, & allocates businesses, as well as without limitation for  redistributing & promoting, part or entire of the Website/ Application or the derivative, & Services works thereof in any medium, formats & via any media channels, along with, without restriction, third party Website/ Application & supplies, & even after your termination of your Services or the Account. For the advantage of clarity, the aforesaid license ready to contains our right to present, share out, carry out & or else utilize the Customer Data in relation with the content supplied by the our sponsors, & you shall be not allowed to ask any compensation for the use of such things. You furthermore hereby would, shall & do consent to each customer of these Website/ Application & also or the Services a perpetual license, non-exclusive, to access your Customer Data throughout the Website/ Application & also or the solely, Services, for personal, use, of such Customer Data, also including after your termination of your Services or the Account. For clearness, the aforesaid license gives permissions to us & our customers shall not affect your other ownership or license powers in your Customer Data, as well as the right to allow other licenses to your Customer Data, except otherwise approved in writing. You reproduce & authorization that you have all rights to allow such licenses to us without violation or violating to any third party rights, along with, without limitation, any kind of privacy rights, contract rights,  trademarks, promotion rights, copyrights, or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights. Third Party Affiliates: We participate in affiliate promotion; marketing & we may allow affiliate links to be encoded on some of our pages. This means that we may earn a commission if/when you click on or make purchases on affiliate links.

Waiver : No waiver of any condition, term or provision, or law of this contract either by perform or else in any one or more occasions shall be deemed to be or interpreted as a further or continuing waiver of any such condition, term or provision,  or of any other condition, term or provision, or of this contract.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction : These Terms &Conditions shall be governed & interprets in agreement with the laws of India in relation to any lawful action or proceedings to enforce these Terms & Conditions. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any competent courts situated at Mumbai, India & waive any objection to such proceedings on grounds of venue or on the grounds that the proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum.
PRIVACY : We promote you to read the Privacy Policy, & to use the information it contains to make informed decisions regarding your personal information. Please also note that certain information, statements, data, & such as but not limited to photographs, which you give on the Website/Application are likely to disclose Your gender, ethnic origin, nationality, age, &, or other personal info regarding You. You admit & agree that your submission of such information is voluntary on Your part. Further, You acknowledge, consent & agree that we may access, safeguard, & disclose information You give to Us at any stage during Your use of the Website/ Application or after wards.

COPYRIGHT : The entire info, data, services & software presented on, broadcasted through, or used in relation with the Website or Application, together with for example news articles, reviews, directories, guides, text, photographs, images, illustrations, audio clips, video, html, source & object code, trademarks, logos, & the like, collectively & hereinafter referred to as the, Data, as well as its selection & preparation, is owned by Us. You may use the Data only through the Website or Application & solely for your personal, non-commercial use only.
You might not, again, republish any part of the Data on any Internet, Intranet or extranet site or include the Data in any database, collection, archive or cache. You may not distribute any Data to others, either or not for payment or other consideration, & you may not modify, copy, frame, cache, reproduce, sell, publish, transmit, display or otherwise use any portion of the Data. You may not scrape or otherwise copy our Data without permission. You agree not to decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any app or any other goods or any software or processes accessible through the Website or Application, or manipulate the data or also not to put in any code or creation, product of the Website/ Application in either way that affects the customer’s experience, & not to use any data meaning, data gathering or mining method.
We respect the intellectual property of others. If you think your job has been duplicated in respect of the amounts to the copyright violation, if any, are aware of any breaching substance on the Website or Application, you, requested to contact us by sending an email to help@Feeloffer.com.
Info & Data submitted by the Customer by giving info to, conversing with, &/or insertion of material on, the Website or Application, along with, for illustration but not to, limited to, interaction throughout any kind of registration & interaction on the announcement panel, chat or message area, You symbolize & warrant.
You possess or else have each and every one essential privilege to the data you give & the privileges to make use of it as given in this Terms of Service.
Each and every one info, you give is true, accurate & perfect, current & complete, & does not break the Terms of Service.
The info & Data must not ground to any injury, to any human being or person. Submitting a name which is not your own legal name is strictly prohibited. For any kind of info & substance, you permit us, a permanent, everlasting, copy, display, archive, royalty free, modify, store, non-exclusive right, irrevocable, perpetual & also authorize to use, reproduce, share out, generate derivative works from information by you or etc, either of manner, type, media, technology or software of whatever type either it is now created or already in existence etc. now or in the future. Without limiting the generalization of the earlier verdict, you permit ‘Feeloffer’ to distribute or supply the info to, in between all of Feeloffer’s Affiliated/ Associated Websites/ Applications, to incorporate the info in a deplorable type reachable by customers of the Website or Application & other verdict or other affiliated Website/ Applications, & to utilize your name & any other info in relationship with its use of the matter or any things you assign. You also authorize the right to utilize any objects, material info, data, concepts, idea, knowledge or skills, techniques contained in any media you convey to ‘Feeloffer’ for any intention, whatsoever, together with but not restricted to constructing, developing, creating, manufacturing & marketing goods using such info. All rights in this paragraph are authorized without the need for extra compensation/reward of any kind of sort to you.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS : Unless specifically approved to in writing, not anything contained herein shall provide the Customer a permission to make use of any of the Company’s trademarks, trade names, service trademarks, domain names, service marks, logos, , info, questions, solutions, answers, reports & other distinctive brand features, save  as per the conditions of Terms & given in the Policy. All logos, trademarks, including material, domain names, designs, brand names, service trademarks, & graphics developed & created by the Company & also other distinctive brands & features of the Website/ Application are the sole property of the Company. in addition to, in respect of the Website/ Application generated by the Company, the Company shall be the sole owner of all the module, graphics, designs & the like, related to the Website/ Application. The Customer may not utilize any of the intellectual material goods, property showed on the Website/ Application in either way that is similarly to, lead to confusion between present or future clients of the Website/ Application, or that in either way disputes or any third parson, the Company, to be agreed on in the sole disputes of the Company  The Customer is additional more informed that any replica or infringement of the intellectual property of the declared, in owners by the Customer will consequence in lawful act being initiated against the client by the particular owners of the intellectual property so duplication / violation in the lead. It is approved by the Alliances that the materials of this sector shall be continue to exist in spite of after the termination or expiry of the Terms &/or the conditions in Policy.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES : The Customer accepts & consents, with acknowledges that he/she is a constrained customer of this Website/ Application, & that he/she:
It is bounded that not to copy, modify, cut, distribute, circulate, post, recreate, reverse engineer, create  or publish procured workings from, convey, or trade any kind of info or software, Application received or taken from the Website/ Application. Whichever such kind of use / restricted operation of the Website/ Application will not be allowed. But with the written permission before operation may be allowed by the Company. For the deletion of ambiguity, the same is illuminated that without limit or comprehensive duplication, stealing or coping of the data for business or non-business reasons & unauthorized alteration of data & info mentioned on the Website/ Application is definitely disallowed.
Consents not to operate, or attempt to enter on the Website/ Application &/or the objects, parts, data or facilities by whichever means other than in the course of the edge specified by the Website/ Application. The utilization of spider or other automatic any kind of device or devices, program, robot,  methodology  or algorithm, or, deep-link,  or any alike or equivalent physical procedure, to enter in, obtain, reproduction or keep watch on any section of the Website/ Application or its info, or in any way duplication or mislead or prevent the navigational configuration or arrangement of the Website/ Application, data or any contents, or to acquire or try to take any kind of contents, data files, documents or info by any way, means not particularly made available all the way through the Website/ Application will escort to termination or suspension of the Customer’s access to the Website/ Application, as in depth in sector herein under. The client accepts & confirms that by operating or using the Website/ Application or any kind of the deal, services provided thereon, he/she may be rendered to info that he/she may count unlawful, offensive or or else repugnant. The Company refuses either any or all legal responsibilities occurring in relates to such unpleasant objectionable data on the Website/ Application. The Customer shall conversely report any such objectionable or unpleasant information, which the Company may then remove the same from the Website/ Application, at its exclusive carefulness on and at companies convenient time.
In sections where Website/ Application allow the Customer to upload or put the data/info, the Customer undertakes to make and give guarantee that such content is not objectionable or offensive or unpleasant, & is in consonance with appropriate clause & laws. The Customer definitely assures that any kind of, such content that is suppository to be unpleasant, unlawful /offensive may be discarded from the Website/ Application instantly & without any notice, & more to that the Customer’s admission to the Website/ Application may as well be completely revoked forever, at the sole carefulness of the Company.
Not only earlier but also further undertakes not to:
Harass, pressurise, threaten, insult, annoy, Abuse, disillusion,  erode, disappoint, abrogate, defame, otherwise or demean violate the lawful rights of any other personality or person;
Connect in any kind of movement that interferes, obstruct with or interrupts access to the Website/ Application or the facilities made available therein or also for the networks & servers which are linked to the Website/ Application.
Impersonate any personality or person, or misleadingly declare or else fake represent his/her association with a personality or person.
Circulate, post, socialize, any info which is grossly harassing, defamatory, insulting, obscene, harmful,  pornographic, paedophilic, profanity, vulgarity, blasphemous, invasive of any ones secrecy, hateful, or ethnically, racially offensive, disparaging, critical, involving or relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, betting or otherwise illegal in either or all the way/ type whatsoever under any regulation, law or rule presently in power, or unlawful completely threatening or unlawful completely harassing, irritating together with but not restricted to “offensive demonstration of women” contained by the meaning of the offensive Representation of Women, Prohibition Act, 1986.
Upload any kind of file, data, and image, video that violates the copyright, exclusive rights or trademark of another personality or legal person.
Distribute or post of files that includes corrupted files, viruses, or any kind of alike or similar software or programs, data, content or matter that may cause, spoil, damage the function of the Website/ Application.
Copy or download any file uploaded/ posted by a different customer of the Website/ Application that the Customer is knowingly or unknowingly, aware, or should sensibly be aware, cannot be lawfully circulated in such a way.
Search, inspect or analysis the vulnerability of the Website/ Application or any system or network associated to the Website/ Application, nor violate the safety or verification measures on the Website/ Application or any system, network associated to the Website/ Application. The Customer may not reverse look-up, trace or search for to trace any info relation to any other client of, or guest to, the Website/ Application, or any other client of the Website/ Application, as well as any client account maintained on the Website/ Application not managed/ operated by the client, or utilize the Website/ Application or info prepared and made accessible or offered by or through the Website/ Application, in any way.
Interrupt or obstruct with the safety of, or else cause harm/ destruct, spoil to, the Website/ Application, systems, accounts, passwords, resources, servers or networks linked to or reachable through the Website/ Application or any associated or related Website/ Application.
Gather or store up information concerning with other clientele of the Website/ Application.
Utilize of the Website/ Application or any content or information therein for any intention that is illegal or forbidden, restricted by these Terms, or to solicit the performance of any unlawful action or other movement which disobeys the privileges of this Website/ Application or any other third party or parties.
Infringe any guideline or code of conduct which might be relevant for or to any specific goods or service presented on the Website/ Application.
Infringe any kind of appropriate related laws, rules or policy at present in power contained by or outside India.
Infringe any section of said Terms or the specified in guidelines or policy, together with but not restricted to any appropriate additional conditions of the Website/ Application mentioned either herein or elsewhere, either prepared by alteration, amendment, or else.
Make threats the unity, defence, dishonesty, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relationships with foreign states, or public order, or cause provocation to the commission of any kind of cognizable offence, or prevent the investigation of any offence, or offencable act for any other nation.
Circulate, upload, post, or socialize information that is fake, imperfect & inaccurate or misleading.
Either way, directly or indirectly tender, effort to tender, deal, or effort to deal, anything the selling of which is forbidden or restricted in any kind of way under the consideration of any appropriate rule, law, directive or guideline for the time being in power.
Perform any action which affects the Company to damage either in whole or in part, the server or services of its internet facility dealer or in any way interrupts the services of any other merchant, provider of the Company, Website/ Application.
Involve in marketing to, or ask for, other clientele of the Website/ Application to purchase or trade any goods or facilities not presently showed on the Website/ Application. The client might not pass on any sequence lettering or unwanted business or junk communication/messages to other clients through the Website/ Application. It shall be a infringement of mentioned Terms to utilize whatever info gained from the Website/ Application with intension of damage, harm, harass, or abuse different personality, or intension to get in touch with, publicize to, importune, or trade to a different client of the other Website/ Application not including the utter pre physical written approval from the Company. The client herewith definitely permits the Company to unveil any & all info regarding to the client in the keeping of the Company to rule implement or other govt. officials, like the Company might in its exclusive carefulness, consider essential or suitable in relation among the exploration &/or decision of probable offence, crimes, particularly who are engage individual grievance & stealing / infringement of intellectual belongings. The client additionally be aware of that the Company may be instructed to reveal any info also together with the personality of individuals provided that info or contents on the Website/ Application. Like essential to convince any legal instructions, rule, directives or applicable governmental demand. The client definitely allows & acknowledges that the Company has no responsibility to supervise the contents uploaded on the Website/ Application, however that it has the authority to eliminate or correct any information that in its exclusively carefulness infringes, or is so-called to infringe, any appropriate rule or moreover the will or correspondence of given conditions or the stated in document. The Customer will be holds exclusively accountable for the information of the contents uploaded on the Website/ Application through him/her. The Company willnot take, believe or be supposed to comprise any liability or responsibility for any information uploaded, or for any damages, losses or claims outcoming from utilize of any such information &/or the emergence of any information on the Website/ Application. The client hereby stand for & permit that he/she has every essential privileges in & to every information provided as well as every info have therein, & that said information does not violate any owners or any other rights of any third person, nor does it hold any defamatory, convoluted, or otherwise illegal or unpleasant objects, & the client hereby agrees complete accountability for any penalty that may occur because of the circulating any such information on the Website/ Application.


Any kind of commentary, facts, ideas, suggestions, introduction, or whichever other information contributed from the client to the Company or this Website/ Application will be considered to comprise a royalty-free, continuous, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive license & right for the Company to accept, circulate, replicate, socialize, broadcast, distribute, duplicate, utilize, generate copied works, display worldwide, or act on such kind of information, without further sanction or consideration, in any medium, or technology now known or afterwards developed, for the complete term of any rights that may exist in such information, & the client hereby waives any claim to the differing. The client hereby represents & warrants that he/she owns or else controls all of the privileges to the information contributed to the Website/ Application, & that use of such information by the Company does not violate upon or infringe the rights of any third party. In the occasion of any act initiated towards the Company by any such affected third party, the client hereby specifically agrees to indemnify, non disruptive & hold undisruptive the Company, for its use of any such info specified to it by the client. The Company holds, reserves its right to protect itself in any such lawful disputes that might occur, & recover the costs/ amounts incurred in such proceedings from the client.

Feelcash Reward System:-

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  • You will be penalized if you abuse the system i.e try to cheat with us.
  • Feelcash reward point system can pause anytime without notice.
  • Rewards will be given when available.

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